• Having been raised on a sail boat and being both an avid sailor and an committed artist living in urban settings , Maia Marinelli exists in constant a flux between the irresistible vastness of the open seas and the intensity of a concrete jungle. In this borderline her work attempts to bridge the cultural disconnect between the urban landscape and the natural landscape, navigating between conceptual activist practices and atmospheric interactive installations were the ordinance must physically relate with their surroundings.

    She is currently working on a series mechanized data visualization kinetic sculptural environments that react to and mutate with meteorological changes. Her current research is inspired by the relationship between the rapidly changing meteorological patterns of the Arctic territories and the growing controversial phenomenal of “Arctic land rush”, land appropriation and land rights of the UN’s Arctic territories.

    Maia Marinelli holds an MFA from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program in New York, and she received her BFA in Theater and film set design at the Fine Art Academy of Florence, Italy. Her work has been featured at Sculpture by the Sea, Arctic Circle Residency, SXSW, LACMA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Genoa Italy, the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Perth Institute of Technology, International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York, Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art and Biennial of Mediterranean Artists. Her experience has included activist work and photojournalism working with “Colors Magazine International”, “Journal of Visual Anthology” and “Diario” to name a few..





    New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts – New York, NY

    Masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program



    Fine Arts Academy - Florence, Italy

    Bachelors in Theater and Film Set Design



    FHP Fachhochschule Potsdam - Potsdam, Germany

    Fellowship in Photography, Communication Design and European Media Studies.



    2017 (Upcoming) Museums of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy.

    2016 Arte_FITS.Foundation. Dorado, Puerto Rico, USA

    2015 “Communication Design” - Zona Dynamic, Tempelhof Field, Berlin, Germany.

    2011 SOUNDSTORM - LAB Gallery. New York, USA.

    2004 ARAZZO - Museo del Castello Svevo. Bari Italy. Sponsored by Ministry of Cultural Heritage Bari. Italy.

    2002 IMPERO (Impair) - History Museum. Bari, Italy. Sponsored GAI (National Archive of Young Artist). Bari, Italy.

    2000 Portrait of The Read Couch - Schautankstelle Photography Art Gallery. Berlin, Germany

    2000 Blue Angel - La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy.

    1998 Let’s Get Pretty - Galleria DumDum, Bolognia , Italy.

    1994 Let’s Get Pretty - STAP Art Gallery. Florence Italy.



    2015 GlogauAIR Artist in Residency Program Spring Open Studio, Berlin, Germany.

    2013 Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, Australia.

    2011 Burning Man, Nevada, USA.

    2010 Arse Elektronika San Francisco, USA.

    2010 FIGMENT Festival. Governors Island, New York, USA.

    2009 Italian Artist in New York, International Studio & Curatorial Program. Brooklyn NY, USA.

    2008 DUMBO Art Festival, New York, USA.

    2008 LACDA, (Los Angeles Center For Digital Art). International New Media Expo. Los Angels, USA.

    2008 NIME, (New Interface for Musical Expression) Museum of Contemporary Art Villa a Croce. Genova, Italy.

    2006 BAPLab, Brooklyn Creative and 3rd Word. Brooklyn NY, USA.

    2005 NIME, (New Interface for Musical Expression) University of British Colombia Vancouver, Canada.

    2004 Gemine Muse Young Italia Artist Archive, Fortezza della Brunella. Carrara, Italy

    2003 STYLIN, Miami Basel Art Loves Design. Miami, USA.

    2003 DUMBO Art Festival New York, USA.

    2003 Corpo Impriggionato (the impersonated body), Centro Per il Pensiero Femminile (National Center for Woman culture) & Fondazione Italiana Per la Fotgrafia (Italian Photographic Foundation).Torino Italy

    2002 Museo Nuova Era, Bari. Italy

    2001 San Francisco International Art Exhibit, Refusalon Gallery San Francisco, USA.

    2001 DUMBO Art Festival, New York, USA.

    2001 Guardaroba. Liberi e Vestiti, Museum of The Old Monastery of Santa Scolastica Bari. Italy

    2001 16°52.2’ East, 41°07.6’ North. (Public video installation, performance, audio documentary). In collaboration with Radio Canale 100, Secondary Fine Art School Bari, Fine Arts Academy Bari, Institute & Music and Music Therapy Bari, University for Mediterranean studies Renè Cassin, no profit cultural association ACLI and Publicarb. Project sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage Bari.

    2000 Comparisons, SACI Art Gallery. Florence, Italy.

    2000 Biennial of Mediterranean Artist, at Ex Mattatoio Roma, Italy.

    1999 Notes, Spazio Tempo Art Gallery, Florence, Italy.

    1998 Private Vision, sponsored by the city of Orvieto, Italy.

    1998 Galleria DumDum, Bolognia , Italy.

    1998 Indicazioni -Pitti Fashion Week, Rita De Panis Fashion Show Room, Florence, Italy

    1998 Tutto Logica. Cultural Rave , Turin Italy

    1995 Media a Zona,Galleria Vialarga. Florence, Italy

    1994 Video Minuto. Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art, Prato



    2016 Arte_FITS.Foundation. Dorado, Puerto Rico, USA.

    2015 Resident at The Arctic Circle Exploratory Residency, North Pole.

    2015 GlogauAIR Artist in Residence Program, Berlin, Germany

    2013 Arte_FITS.Foundation. Dorado, Puerto Rico, USA

    2013 Gallery Central Perth, Australia.



    2011 Black Rock Art Foundation. Grant recipient for "Wind Playground" (USA)

    2010 Arse Elektronika Award for the Global Orgasm Project (USA)

    2003 Graduate Fellow scholarship at Interactive Telecommunication Program. Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. New York, USA

    1998 Erasmus Fellowship - Communication Design and European Media Studies (Italy/Germany)

    2000 Award Emerging Mediterranean Artist - (Italy)



    2013 Blown Away, The Sunday Times Magazine. Australia.

    2012 Wind of Change, Modern Luxury Hawaii . USA.

    2012 The Wind Playground: A Refreshing Installation, Burn After Reading Magazine. USA

    2009 Arazzo Instant Book Published by Carta. USA/Italy.

    2008 SoundScaper published on the “New Interfaces for Musical Expression journal”. International.

    2005 Mocean published on the New Interfaces for Musical Expression journal. International.

    2004 Giovani Artisti nei Musei Italiani (Young Artists in Italians Museum) Associazione Giovani Artisti Italiani GAI (National Association For Italian Young Artist). International.

    2003 New York Elderly Tales published in Colors Magazine (edition # 56). International.

    2003 Hot Dinner and a Prayer published in Colors Magazine (edition # 54) International.

    2003 Greta’s Journal published in the Visual Anthropology Journal by the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. International.

    2003 My Body as a Diary published in Colors Magazine (edition number #53). International.

    2000 Blue Angel Published in Future Vision, Biennale of Mediterranean Artists catalog published by Castelvecchi. International.

    2000 Show review on Flesh Art Italy. Italy.

    1998 Let’s Get Pretty Sole 24 Inserto Arte. Italy

  • 2014 to present - Freelance Creative Director at Palazzo Fizzarotti - Bari, Italy. (http://palazzofizzarotti.com) – Bari, Italy. Transitioning a centuries old historical landmark into a cultural incubator. Oversee culturally sensitive restorations while pioneering a 21st century art-center experience

    2011 Senior Experience Architect at COLLEGE BOARD (www.collegeboard.org) – New York, USA. Designing a new college planning community platform combining a tailor step by step experience with social network like tools setting to help student chose, plan and connect to college success and opportunity.

    2010 / 2011 Senior Experience Architect at ORGANIC (www.organic.com) – New York, USA. Re-architecture and prototyping for an extensive redesign of Hilton sites. Brands included Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, Hilton, Double tree, Garden Inn, Hampton, Homewood Suits, Home 2, Hilton Garden Vacations.

    2011 Supervisor Sailing / Creative technologist (consulting/volunteer) Working on the Protei (www.opensailing.net) – International. Supervisor Sailing / Creative technologist (consulting/volunteer) Working on the Protei team designing a fleet of Sailing Drones, developed primarily to collect Oil Spills under Open Hardware licensing by Open_Sailing, randomwalks, V2_ and Amorphica. Protei Project: https://sites.google.com/a/opensailing.net/protei/

    2010 Senior Interactive Designer at Icon Nicholson/ LIB (http://www.lbi.com) – New York, USA. Desingeing community based educational platforms to connect and educate both HIV patents, physicians and supporting communities

    2008 Art Director at Mediated Spaces (www.mediatedspaces.com) - New York, NY. Art Director for “The SoundScaper”, an interactive art project incorporating the web, GPS-enabled phones and performers to create a sonic composition transforming the grid of Manhattan into the staff paper of a musical composition. The project was showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Genoa and at the L.A. Center for Digital Art (LACDA) for the International New Media Expo in Downtown Los Angeles.

    2009 Senior Interactive Designer at Skinny (www.skinnynyc.com) – New York, USA. Experience Architect at Skinny New York designing new engaging communication platforms integrating multiple media strategy including events, three-dimensional spaces, social software, cell phone application, game design and websites.

    2006-2008 Interactive Designer at R/GA (www.RGA.COM) – New York, NY. Worked as an interactive designer developing creative strategic solutions, online advertising campaigns and conducting research including ethnographic studies, surveys, heuristic analysis, usability testing and coordinated the analysis of test results for improving customer experience. Clients included: L’oreal, Verizon, Johnson&Johnson, Avaya, SCJ, Purina and BAM Academy

    2006: Photographer & Writer at Diario (www.diario.it) – Milan, Italy. Conducted research and developed journalistic enquiries as a freelance writer and photographer for Diario, a national Italian newspaper.

    2005 Teacher & Program Developer at The Producer Project (www.theproducersproject.org) – New York, NY. Taught video and multimedia skills to high school students as a teacher in the New York City public school system. The focus involved developing an alternative education program to allow students to learn the use of video and multimedia technology.

    2005 Executive Producer of Time Bomb, (www.timebomb-film.com) – Dresden, Germany. The project explored how the firebombing of Dresden still influences the cultural and political equilibrium of the city today. Responsibilities included resource management, scheduling, overseeing sound and lighting and interviewing participants. www. timebomb-film.com

    2003 Photographer at Colors Magazine (www.colormagazine.com). Treviso, Italy Colors Magazine. Worked as an independent freelance photographer/writer developing concepts, conducting research and creating visual and written essays. The projects involved travel throughout southern and eastern Europe, North Africa and the US.

    2002-2001 Designer at Benetton Experimental Communication Center (www.fabrica.it) - Treviso, Italy. Developed concepts and idea as a graphic designer and photographer for the launch of Fabrica retail stores across Europe. Projects also included work for Benetton’s campaigns and events along with work for external clients such as the Red Cross, Witness and TrenitItalia developing identity and advertising strategies.