Wind Playground debut at Sculptre by the Sea, Cottesloe. Australia

Wind Playground is done and shining away on Cottesoe beach of for its premiere at the 9th edition of Sculpture by the Sea 2013

BIG THANKS to all the supporter (full List below).

I know not all when as planed . Between equipment malfunction, limited resources, high hopes often smashed by false promises the production of Wind Playground delay of a year and I’m terribly sorry about that.

On the bright site here it is blowing with the wind and people love it.

Today I spend all day playing with kids inside and out Wind Playground. It was such fun . I could see their big eye light up with dreams, seeking imaginary adventures inside and outside the sculpture. I was honored by it and inspired by their excitement and thoughtful questions .

Thank you to all the little monkeys
You made my day




As soon as I’m back In USA I’ll began sorting out all your rewards.

Thank you to all the supporter for taking part of this journey.

Special thanks go to :

Black Rock Arts Foundation for being the first believing in this vision

Sculpture by the Sea and its wonderful crew

The town of Cottesoe
Partridge Partners and Jeremy Sparks for the awesome structural engineering work.

China Southern Airlines for covering traveling expenses

Dimension Polyant for donating part of the sailcloth

Sailbags Maui for supporting the fundraising

Central Institute of Technology
Gallery Central for hosting me in Perth

NeilPryde for allowing us to use the plotter
+H2O for its support during the fundraising and help gathering gear
Maui Makers for all the geek power and support. Every city and town must have a hacker center. Learn to hack learn to think!
Berry Spanier for teaching all I needed to build Wind Playground and let me use his sawing machines

Lena Kerr teaching me and helping me sawing Wind Playground

Diana Velhuerdi for teaching me and helping me design Wind Playground patterns

Manuel Sauvage for the endless hour spend building WPG digital model used for all the structural engineering assessments.

Sol Feldberg for working on the patterns digitization and prepare it for both the plotter cutting and assembling.

Stefano Maffini for helping with the shipment

Mickey Eskimo for donating his mast.

Naish, Masato Naito at Maui Windsurf Company, Chris Freeman at Hot Sails Maui and Second Wind for donating all the gear (universals, mast attachments mast etc) to build the Wind Playground structure .

Jason Diffin at Quattro International for spotting me with random sail making supply when I was short.

Michel Goerike, Miles Valle, Mario Occhipinti and Christos Kalesperides for volunteering their time. Especially Miles for the hard work.

Mark , Paige and Sean for all the silly “Cannery” interaction and for always have a big smile on their faces.

Gatto (Nano’s dog) for being our team mascot and the best pooch ever.

Baked On Maui for the good vibe and the chocolate croissant

Last but not list I wish to thank my parents Raffaele Marinelli and Vera Poli and all my family for supporting me and love me just the way I’m .

Thank you all



Special thenks also to

Jovan Ka Brosh
Greg Infanti
Kesu James
Pamela Vitale
Robert Buesaquillo
Martin Kammler
Christos Kalesperides

Graham Hill
Kuan Huang
Felix Yip
Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena
Tod E. Kurt
Nancy Mossa
ram subramanian
Ann Chen
Bobby Sarnoff
Nicole Gagne
Anne Harmon
Takashi Mizohata
steph h
Leslie Pritchett
Rolf Levenbach
christina Pettigrew
Luke Maguire Armstrong
James McLain
jenni avins
hsing wei
Klara Palotai
Marianne Petit
Leo Texier
Mohit SantRam
Ryan Fix
Roberta Blasone
Catalin Lazia
ann p
Chris Fanjul
Morgan Barnard
jacqueline loss
Jesse Suchmann
Venu Moola
Ariel Sutro
Thom Heavey
Jason Nunes
Cesar Harada
Affinity Mingle
Tom Igoe
Paul Clarke
Andrew Milmoe
Jerry Isdale
Dan O’Sullivan
Paul-Dominic Lopez
David Precheur
Yulia Krashennaya
Kat Kotlyar
Alex Johnson
Sarah Jane Pell
Tina Morrow
Ben Weiner
Amir Bahadori
Lin Liu
Virgilio Santos
Kite Stop
Kelly Morris
Jared Lamenzo
marc melloment
Keith Conway
Christina and Raul Goodness
Jed McClure
ted metcalfe
jarvis jenkins
Dave Oyler
Nina Grigoriev
Tirtza Even
Fang-Yu Lin
Sophi jess
Christopher Breedlove
Eric Fino
Stephen Rappaport
Hank Miller
Justin Freyvogel
Aloha Spirit
Nancy Katongo
The Tourist
Eva Sjuve
Emily Conrad
Brandon Burns
Sherilyn Dandridge, Esq.
Ely Spivack
Lisa J. Ross
Lauren Carmin
J. Creighton Cutts
Jeroen Coppelmans
carlyn maw
Christopher Cummings
Heather Greer
Josué Savoy
Ernesto Klar
Nicolas Kelley
Megan McKendrick
Richard Cameron
Benedetta Ciani
Michael Chiaramonte
Marco Conner
Mario De Zio
Katherine Cowell
Sunny Savage

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