As part of the IMPERO series, Arazzo also uses traditional female handicrafts transforming ephemeral object in contemporary conceptual art works

Arazzo/Tapestry is a 3-day performance that uses knitting as a narrative device.

The work is composed of two hand-knit pieces made from the same woolen thread, with each piece beginning from the opposite extreme of the thread. As the performance reaches its completion the 2 knitters meet in the center where thread is left. In order for one piece to be completed the other one must be destroyed.This metaphor makes visible the paradigm by which every imperialistic culture and economy operates.

  • Medium : Performance Art, Sculpture, knitting
  • Material : Body, woolen thread
  • Release Date : 2003
  • Venue / Client :
    2003 DUMBO Art Festival New York, USA.
    2004 ARAZZO - Museo del Castello Svevo. Bari Italy. Sponsored by Ministry of Cultural Heritage Bari. Italy.

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