This journal, written by a 16 year-old girl, appears both in penmanship and tone extremely childlike, but the content is actually harrowing and brutal, and describes how she was abused and then traded as a sex slave. The accompanying photos focus instead on the wounds and scars that the girls have suffered overtime.

Each photo thus presents an intimate portrayal of the most hidden aspects of these girls’ lives. The photos, shot with a macro lens, are soft, almost delicate, leaving the viewer with an uneasy feeling of incongruence.

The scars are frightening but also, devoid of context – that is detached from the rest of the body – strangely soothing.

  • Medium : Photography
  • Material : C-print & book
  • Release Date : 2003 Greta’s Journal published in the Visual Anthropology Journal by the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences
  • Copyright : Maia Anthea Marinelli
  • Venue / Client : 2003 Corpo Impriggionato (the impersonated body), Centro Per il Pensiero Femminile (National Center for Woman culture) & Fondazione Italiana Per la Fotgrafia (Italian Photographic Foundation).Torino Italy

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