Waves consist a ocean size waves sculptures made with recycled docking and fishing lines. Here the audience prospective is put at the same level of a surfer riding a over head high wave or a sailor in a storm. Experiencing the ocean from this point of view is both exhilarating and humbling. Here, regaining prospective before the power of the overwhelming nature, the visitor is invited to clime and play on the waves freeing their inner child. The grammar linked to the fishing and docking lines evoke the role of the sea as a vehicle of evolution both cultural end economical through the history of humanity. The waves built with discard docking and fishing line reminds current fragile state. These giant wave formation will placed in public spaces based on exiting waves and current patter of the surrounding water ways connecting water and land; history and present day. Unveiling patter of time hidden below the surface of the water
  • Medium : Land art
  • Material : Ropes and sand
  • Release Date : Concept 2013

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